Tuesday, August 9, 2011

JGarrett / Vaporizer / Mass Blunted Remix

Back with some summer heat From 0-1 provides another great release featuring our friend in the north JGarrett. Garrett sets the basis of the release with 2 heady dubbed out techno gems that are sure to set the mood whenever exposed. Supporting Garrett in his efforts Jonah Sharp, Milkplant, Kris Moon and yours truly(J-Mass)all take their own approach in remixing Garrett's "Vaporizer" Providing a wide range of summertime techno certain to appeal and exceptional to any time slot

Review taken from official From 0-1 promo:
Following in line is John Massey of Seattle, whose 'Blunted' remix keeps the deep dub spirit of the original but with a techno dance floor attitude. John's mix also contains some sagely advice, and we'll leave it at that. ;)

Now available to purchase on beatport
Click here to purchase Vaporizer (Mass Blunted Rmx)

Now available to preview on soundcloud
Click here to preview Vaporizer (Mass Blunted Rmx)

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