Thursday, September 27, 2018

John Massey / GMP Vol.41 / June 2018

Happy to make a return to the GMP podcast series based out of Portland Oregon. This mix was released in June 2018 and is a little over an hour long. It features tracks from artist like Sone, Cleric, Milkplant, Keith Carnal, Cyanwave and Johannes Heil and yours truly. 

Here is small note from the GMP crew..
So you guys know what we are dealing with here 😊 some serious techno madness. John Massey was our guest DJ in June 2017. I am very glad to have him back on GMP again

No tracklist available for this mix 

As always...Big thanks for listening, Hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 20, 2018

John Massey / Splinter 5 / From 0-1

Back with a final effort for summer 2018 is my contribution to the home-team, From 0-1. The Splinter EP is a conceptual project surrounded by some of From 0-1's core artists. 

The remix has received great feedback and support from artist like Dmux, Chris Stanford, Arnaud Le Texier, Joton, Fandino, Stefan Kreis, Markus Soyr, Mad Max, plus more...

Friday, May 11, 2018

John Massey / Kamcken (J-Mass Redux) / Subspec

With little delay i'm happy to announce my new remix for the talented Kamcken from Brazil on Canadian stronghold Subspec music. This is a 4-track E.P. with 2 OG's and an amazing remix from the talented Annie Hall. 

The release has received lots of great feedback and support from artist like Truncate, Bodyscrub, Dax J, Isreal Toledo, Krezlin, Paula Temple, Ritzi Lee, plus more....

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

John Massey / Somber Celebration / From 0-1

It's been a long time coming but i'm happy to make my return to the mighty From 0-1 with my latest solo effort. This was a conceptual project with a lot of sentimental value attached. The tracks were conceived during some of the best and worse times of my life. With a passing of my mother and birth of the son, I can say a lot of emotion was channeled through these tracks. The release includes 2 amazing remixes from the great Mattias Fridell, both centered in his signature driving techno funk, never to disappoint!

Here is a quick write-up from the label:
For our 26th release at From 0-1, we welcome back resident artist, John Massey of Seattle. John, a longtime member of the From 0-1 crew, delivers three effective cuts for the floor; while Mattias Fridell flexes his remix muscle with two stellar interpretations of the original.

Release supported by: Kyle Geiger, Drumcell, Krenzlin, D-Nox, Electric Indigo, Subjected, Angy Kore, Madben, Miss Electric, Deas, Pascal Feos, Ilario Alicante, Axel Karakasis, Noah Pred, Raphael Dincsoy, Chris Liebing, Bryan Zentz, Szeb, Dave the Drummer, Patrick DSP, Donor, Tom Newman, Pezzner, Pinion, Plural, The Automatic Message, Pierre Deutschmann, etc...

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

John Massey / GMP Vol. 27 / June 2017

We are a couple months late but happy to announce a new DJ mix for Portland based production company, Good Mood Promotion w/Alex Zorin. GMP has been curating events and this podcast for sometime now, providing quality house and techno music throughout the PNW. Below is a quick note from GMP on the mix as well as tracklisting.

Summer time is a great time to be in good mood. June 15 2017 we are having a techno guest from Seattle WA. This person got some talent, I heard him playing at couple parties and he rocked it! Please welcome John Massey. With an hour of some special techno and amazing mixing skills. I personally loved this set it got some great tracks. This version of his set will be one hour long, however the full version of his dj set will be available on Good Mood Promotion iTunes podcast and YouTube. Play it loud! Zorin.

Agnosia - Senseless - ?
Callum Plan - Xhang - Death Certificate
Joel Mull - irefly (Original) MOOD
Andre Crom - Ignition
Obstruct - Happen_Truncate_Remix
Michal Jablonski - Port 1
Secluded - Witness - Secluded
Thomas Hoffknecht - RTCH (Brian Sanhaji Remix)
Marco Bailey - Icefyre (Setaoc Mass Rework)
Cleric - Unwritten future
Adam Beyer - Code Red 6
Depth - Timelapse
Electric Rescue - Men with blurred face - Virgo
Dmux - Skred - Translucent
Dave Simon - Mole - Planet Rhythm
Daniel Boon - Demand Echoes
Milkplant - Plutonium (JMassRedux) - Etichetta Nera
Simo Lorenz - Space Programm -
Uun - The Accomplice - 100%Pure
AnGy KoRe - Perca
Vloyd - Echo - CREDO
John Massey - Brutal Shores (Kyle Geiger Remix) - From 0-1
Dave Simon - Traib - Planet Rhythm
Sound Associates - Boombox (Len Faki
Jonny Sonic + John Massey - The Shift Remix - John Massey)
Agnosia - Senseless

We hope you enjoy, Big thx for listening.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

John Massey / Loose Lips 114 / March 2017

2017 is here and it looks to be an active year with new mixes and releases on the horizon. Starting things off is a new mix i recently put together for the great Loose Lips familia based out of London. This is roughly 80 minutes of straight up techno featuring artist such as Plant Worker, Developer, PAS, Uun, Cleric, Dax J, Ben Sims, Dustin Zahn, and your's truly. Give the mix a listen and head over to the Loose Lips Facebook page to get fimiliar with the crew. Big thx for listening!

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Testify / Forest People / John Massey Redux

2016 is coming to a close and it's been a bitter sweet year to say the least. With all the tragic lose and radical change i'm happy to be closing it out on a positive note. I had the honor in remixing Dragen Lakic AKA Forest People who's music i've played on a number of occasions and have been a fan of for sometime. This will be my first contribution to the great Eternal Drive Recordings based out of Vancouver BC. The remix has been receiving great feedback and support from artists like Luigi Madonna, XHEI, Heron, Israel Teledo, Raphael Dincsoy, Truncate and Uun just to name a few. Give it a listen and grab a copy today,

As always big thx for your support! HUG!!

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