Wednesday, March 21, 2018

John Massey / Somber Celebration / From 0-1

It's been a long time coming but i'm happy to make my return to the mighty From 0-1 with my latest solo effort. This was a conceptual project with a lot of sentimental value attached. The tracks were conceived during some of the best and worse times of my life. With a passing of my mother and birth of the son, I can say a lot of emotion was channeled through these tracks. The release includes 2 amazing remixes from the great Mattias Fridell, both centered in his signature driving techno funk, never to disappoint!

Here is a quick write-up from the label:
For our 26th release at From 0-1, we welcome back resident artist, John Massey of Seattle. John, a longtime member of the From 0-1 crew, delivers three effective cuts for the floor; while Mattias Fridell flexes his remix muscle with two stellar interpretations of the original.

Release supported by: Kyle Geiger, Drumcell, Krenzlin, D-Nox, Electric Indigo, Subjected, Angy Kore, Madben, Miss Electric, Deas, Pascal Feos, Ilario Alicante, Axel Karakasis, Noah Pred, Raphael Dincsoy, Chris Liebing, Bryan Zentz, Szeb, Dave the Drummer, Patrick DSP, Donor, Tom Newman, Pezzner, Pinion, Plural, The Automatic Message, Pierre Deutschmann, etc...

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