Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The CONDUIT 053 - John Massey - DJ Mix

I was recently asked to put together a new DJ mix for The Conduit Podcast series managed by the good people at VinylJunkie PR and 530Techno. The mix includes a lot of material from myself, good friends and other great artist-Big thanks to Sean-Michael Yoder & Symbio Oo
Hope you enjoy the mix

Here is a quick write up on the mix taken from the conduit website:
Seattle producer John Massey just blew our mind with his recent Brutal Shores EP for the ultrahip techno imprint From 0-1. We love repping West Coast techno, it’s the sound of home and a chance to share something we love with the rest of the world. Here John explores his own records, those of friends, and also of other Seattle artists for a mix that feels very family oriented. Massey’s techno work is unparalleled but we also find ourselves engaged by his futuristic hip-hop collaborations with the immensely talented glitch hop producer DJ Zero One as well. Is there anything this guy can’t do? - Sean-Michael Yoder

Click here to listen/download The Conduit Podcast 053/John Massey

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