Tuesday, April 17, 2012

John Massey/Brutal Shores EP/From 0-1

13 isn't a bad number at all, it's the day of my birthday, when combined with friday it's the day jason killed all those kids at that camp and it's now the numbered release on From 0-1 featuring your's truly ( Hi! ) The brutal shores ep features 3 original tracks Brutal Shores, Brother's Keeper , Quinault Assault and 2 amazing remixes provided by midwest stronghold's Mike Gervais and Kyle Geiger. I would go into details on the tracks but that's what label write up's are for. I will say that i enjoyed putting the release together and will provide one fun fact about a track. Last year my brother was in a motorcycle accident while in the hospital he had a series of tests performed including a sonogram. I was able to record the procedure so took the content and flipped it into the Brother Keeper track...Fun , right?! Hope you enjoy the release-Cheers!!

Big thanks to From 0-1, Mike Gervais and Kyle Geiger for making the release happen

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