Monday, July 16, 2012

John Massey / Patchwork EP / Subspec Recordings

Just in time for the summer heat, Subspec Recordings turns things up with a 5 track ep that features your's truly (heLLo!!) Marking the labels 6th release it features 2 Original tracks Patchwork and Cynical Memories with 3 amazing remixes provided by JGarrett(Subspec) - Sone(from0-1) - Jay Zoney(Subspec)

Below is a quick write up from Subspec
John Massey brings his laser-focused, heavy-grooving Techno to the Subspec fold with the release of his 'Patchwork' EP. The EP features two original tracks and three remixes. The title track, Patchwork, builds up and then warps an insistent Techno groove. Cynical Memories take applies a similar aesthetic to coiled tension. These tracks are DJ-focused set builders in the best sense. Patchwork gets worked over by Sone and JGarrett. Sone's mix is the razor-thin interface between stasis and movement, the sound of 4am frozen in time. JGarrett's Asphalt mix takes the original on a dubby ride through classic Detroit party spots. The EP closes with Jay Zoney's reworking of Cynical Memories where the ashes of yesterday's parties hang thick in the air.

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It was alot of fun getting this release together with the good people at Subspec. Big thanks to The Automatic Message for providing the promo-Cheers

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