Monday, August 3, 2015

Milkplant & John Massey / The Station EP / Darknet

It's been a busy summer to say the least, let's keep it moving...
I'm happy to announce my new collaborative effort with good friend and label-mate Justin Pennell aka Milkplant on the mighty Darknet Recordings based out of Sydney, Australia. This release features 3 original tracks from Milkplant and myself with powerhouse remix provided by Brian Sonneither aka Sone. The release has received great support and feedback from artist like: Echologist, Slam, Joseph Capriati, Electric Indigo, Ben Sims, Mike Wall, Drumcell, Alan Oldham, Truncate, Advanced Human, DEAS, Bryan Zentz, Tony Kasper, Pinion, Joachim Spieth plus more...

As always, Big thanks for support!!

Click here to preview on Soundcloud

Click here to purchase on Beatport

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