Thursday, June 18, 2015

John Massey / Subsense EP / Dystopian Rhythm

Happy to announce my new release on Detroit based Dystopian Rhythm. I've been a big fan of the label for a while so honored to the opportunity to work with them. The release has 4 original tracks from myself with 2 amazing remixes from domestic heavyweight Andrei Morant and From 0-1 artist Milkplant.

Supported by:
Aaron Leitner, Anthony Jimenez, Atie Horvat, Audio Injection, Brendon Moeller, Complicit, Dave Javate, Death Techno, DJ Shiva, Evan Toutz, Gabeen, GO!DIVA, Hefty, Jack Coleman, James Johnson, Jerry Abstract, Joseph Capriati, Justin Schumacher, Kerstin Eden, Let\\\'s Go Outside, Marco Asoleda, Mark EG @DJ Mag, Mike Gervais, Monocraft, Orde Meikle, Pinion, Rubidium, Sone, Stefano Infusino, The Advent, The Welderz, The Welderz, Trevor Jacobsen, Uun, Vegim, Virulent

Click here to preview on Soundcloud

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